Rescued Mini Cow Shares An Immediate Bond With The Dogs At The House.

When a young cow named Moonpie was won at a livestock auction last year, it wasn’t for the typical reason that animals are sold at auction. Moonpie was bought at auction by Janice Wolf, who is the founder of a nonprofit sanctuary in northern Arkansas called Rocky Ridge.

And as soon as Janice got her to the sanctuary, she brought Moonpie inside her home, because she just wasn’t ready for the cold and rainy weather.

Janice’s 2 bull terriers, Baby Cadbury and Spackle, took an immediate liking to their new friend, and they tended to stay right by Moonpie’s side.

The sanctuary is actually known for its interspecies friendships, like a tortoise that likes puppies; a chicken that hangs with a capybaras (cap-ih-bar-us). There are many kinds of animals at the sanctuary, and Janice was able to get many of them out of dangerous situations before things got worse. And she’s giving them a chance to thrive.

When Moonpie gets old enough, she’ll join about 10 other mini cattle at the sanctuary. And she’ll be a good buddy with them. But for now, she’s right at home where she’s at. 

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