Rescued Puppy Becomes The Newest K-9 Unit Member.

Every now and then, we might see a puppy wandering out on the streets all alone. But seldom to we do anything about it.

In Los Angeles, however, when two members of the LA Police Department spotted a brown puppy alone on the streets, they DID do something about it. They took him in and made him a part of their K-9 unit. Those officers were Mercado and Tavera. They just could not leave that pup running around all on its own.

After rescuing the small dog, they bonded quickly with him and gave him the name of Hobart. They decided on that name because they found him near Hobart Avenue. And very soon after, the little guy went on many runs with the officers.

The police department posted a video of the pup and officer Mercado, and it went viral in no time. The internet world fell in love with little Hobart. But it seems that the officer was getting just about as much attention as Hobart.

Says one female commenter: “Wow, he’s super cute – and the puppy ain’t bad either.”

Another lady posted: “I’m bout to go to LA, and do some tiny crimes, so officer Hobart and company can pat me down.”

A short time after that, Officer Mercado officially adopted Hobart and became a member of his family. Now the two can chase some ladies on their own.

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