Rescuers Find Dog Making Noises In Fear.

A German shepherd was hanging around under someone’s van in their driveway, and it looked scared. So the homeowner called Hope for Paws, a group that rescues animals in need.

A couple of volunteers came out with the best thing they could to lure a dog to go with them… a cheeseburger. It pretty much works everytime. They found the female dog in the exact spot the homeowner told them, under his van.

The dog was very scared of the volunteers, so the cheeseburger was put into play. One of the volunteers, Loreta, started putting pieces of the burger on the driveway to draw the dog out. She still didn’t feel she could trust them, not even with a cheeseburger!

She ran instead, and she ran between two nearby buildings. But, fortunately, she ran into a dead-end. And as the rescuers approached her again, she cried and whined, letting them know exactly how she felt about things, and it broke their hearts to hear her do this.

But once they coaxed her out far enough, they were able to get a snare around her. They walked her up to a cage and she went in on her own.

There, she was able to enjoy the rest of that cheeseburger. The rescuers named her Rain, and they took her to the vet, where she got a nice, much-needed bath. And by now, she was warming up to her new friends. After her bath, she curled up on a couch with one of her rescuers and took a well-deserved nap.

Two weeks later, she was adopted by a family with another dog, and Rain loved her new friends. That scared, fragile dog was gone, and all it took was a little love, kindness and care. Ok, maybe a little bit of cheeseburger.

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