Restaurant’s Note About Their Special Need Employee Goes Viral After A Customer Complained.

At a pizza place in Greenville, South Carolina, there was a complaint from a customer about a special needs employee. It pretty much put into play the old “the customer is always right” saying. BUT… ARE customers always right? The owner wondered about that. Then, she decided to post a short letter to all of her customers on the front entrance.

It read: “We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and hire all of God’s children.”

More than half of the kitchen staff at Amanda Cartagine’s Pizza Inn have special needs. A recent customer asked an employee with autism to refill his salad bowl… a task the employee had not been trained to do. So the customer complained.

After the manager explained to the customer the circumstances, he was still not happy… and complained some more. Then that customer suggested she put a sign on the front door to “warn” people. Well, it actually WAS a good idea…. but not as a warning… MORE as a matter of pride.

Says Amanda: “These are like my kids, and it made me angry. I wanted to do something that was not rude, but got my point across.”

And I think what she posted was just perfect. 

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