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Retired NYPD Officer Says Woman Punched Him In Face, Left It Bloody On His Birthday Over Red Cap That Looked Like MAGA Hat.

Daniel Sprague, a former New York City police officer, celebrated his 50th birthday with family and friends at The Stage on Broadway bar in Nashville, Tennessee. Sadly, his birthday party became bloody when one of the guests objected to a birthday present he had received. According to the veteran NYPD officer, a lady hit him in the face over a red headgear that resembled a MAGA hat. However, there was one issue.

The offender undoubtedly selected the incorrect target for a number of reasons. She not only assaulted a retired officer, but she also failed to look attentively at the hat that triggered her before hitting the Staten Island homeowner and bruising his face on his birthday. The cap in question does not have the words “Make America Great Again.” Rather, it displayed a wordplay that read, “Make Fifty Great Again.”

The cap was a homage to Sprague’s 50th birthday, and it was only one of several gifts his wife had purchased him to commemorate the event. Others appeared to love the presents his wife had chosen. People were just coming up to him and just appreciating the little wordplay on the hat, snapping photographs, and wishing him a happy birthday, Sprague said.

One lady in the pub, on the other hand, had had enough of the revelry and came out swinging—literally. A female came up behind him, twisted him around, and struck him in the face at one point, Sprague remembered. The hit caused a severe gash on his face that “goes to the bone,” he added, most likely from a ring or a pair of keys in her hand when she fired the punch.

At first, he believed it was a buddy, until he was struck. He couldn’t imagine someone could be so outraged, Sprague remembered, surprised that his surprise birthday present had resulted in a surprise assault, yet it was the cap that the lady appeared to have a problem with. After throwing the punch, Sprague claims the lady seized his MAGA-style hat and exclaimed, “How dare you!?” indicating that her issue was with the cap.

Before Sprague could contact the authorities, the bouncers kicked them both out of the pub. Regrettably, the suspect left the scene and was not recognized, yet Sprague filed a police complaint and said that if she was caught, he would pursue charges to teach her and others a lesson. As a society, one can’t simply go about acting violently because someone has a political perspective that doesn’t match theirs, he remarked, noting that he was perplexed by the animosity. However, he thinks that everybody, even politicians he dislikes, needs to be respected.

To demonstrate his character, when Daniel Sprague retold the story on Facebook, he advised readers not to respond to negative comments on the post for a handful of reasons. To begin, he speculated that it may be one of his pals cracking his chops since they have a terrific connection and sense of humor. Second, he continued, if it’s a stupid or mistaken snow flake’s opinion, disputing with them would just inspire them to assume they understand what they’re talking about.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time somebody has gone insane and acted violently upon seeing a red hat declaring “Make America Great Again”—or, in this instance, seeming to promote the famous phrase. MAGA hat wearers have been assaulted, had their caps knocked off their heads, and even spit on in similar situations. This is not how adults should act in a civilized society. Rather, they should emulate Daniel Sprague’s self-control and regard for others. He never struck the lady again, and he promoted politeness even after the incident.

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