Retired Teacher Collects Leftovers At Bakeries The Whole Day To Serve The Needy.

In Minneapolis, Allan Law has been on the streets every single night for the past 16 years since retiring from his teaching job. He drives an SUV with the number 363 on the side of it, saying that those are the number of days through the year that most people don’t think of the poor, with Christmas and Thanksgiving being the only two that most DO think of them.

He picks up free food leftovers at bakeries and sandwich-makers and works with a church to hand them out to the poor and needy. And he delivers them late at night to the front doors of homeless shelters, so its residents will have something good to eat in the mornings.

He also gives out bus tokens for those who need a lift. And he collects socks and blankets to give to those who need them.

Why does he do this? Because, he says, “somebody has to care.” 

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