Rich Man Offers His First Class Seat Seeing The Young Man’s Uniform.

Sacrifices and generosities can come anywhere and the feeling to reciprocate when we know it’s the right thing to do is just a marvelous feeling, after all, how many opportunities in life do we really get, and here are 9 people who gave up their first class seats for unbelievable reasons.

1. Printed t-shirts, slogans on caps and hats, stickers on cars and tons of social media roar about how we support our troops. But in reality when we see a person of uniform in front of us, what do we do ? A salute perhaps and tons of respect. But this one guy went beyond just slogans and t shirts.

This Delta airlines first class passenger saw his opportunity to pay respect. As soon as he saw a soldier in combat uniform, he engaged in a quick chat and at the end offered the army man his first class seat in place of his economy seat nestled between two chubby guys.

Even though the man himself weighs 235 pounds and had a very uncomfortable 4 hour flight. He was glad he could do something to offer just a bit of comfort to one our troops.

2. 4 month old Rafferty from Australia and his mom Nikki Olds had a fabulous 2 month US holiday. The two took several flights and hit many US cities like Dallas, Portland, Denver, Florida and more. What was most exciting about their trip was the amazing hospitality that they both received.

Whether it was a flight attendant singing a lullaby for little Rafferty, or getting a first class ticket as a gift from a fellow passenger to a stranger helping mum with her luggage.

‘The flight attendant, she was just lovely,’ she said.

‘The flight attendant, “I just want to say goodnight to all my little boyfriends.”

‘That was kind of the first sign of things starting to get special.’

3. Do Good, Recognize good and make the world a better place. That’s what Jessica Titus learned on a flight when she witnessed something really touching.

She saw a man get up from his 1st class seat as soon as he saw an Army woman in uniform and apologized for sitting in her seat. She was confused and checked her ticket, it clearly said 31b. The man quietly left his seat and went back to the economy seats and sat at 31-b.

The uniformed lady was a bit bewildered at first, but her confusion soon changed to gratitude, as she realized what the man was doing.

Touched by the man’s act of kindness, Titus decided to do something too and wrote a note to the man: “Seat 31B–Please accept a drink or snack on me. If everyone treated people the way you treated the service-woman, the world would be a better place.”

The man of course refused to accept the offer.

4. This five-time academy award nominee and star of the American Hustle, Amy Adams did something not for publicity, not to be in the limelight and not for attention to herself. She took this gracious decision for the troops.

When standing in line at Detroit airport waiting to board her Delta airlines flight to Los Angeles, Adams noticed an army man in uniform also boarding the same flight. This was her opportunity that she had been waiting for. Adams herself is an army mans daughter and grew up on a US military base in Italy and then Colorado.

As soon as she boarded, she spoke with the flight attendant and traded seats with the army man, so that he could travel first class, while she traveled coach.

ESPN personality Jemele Hill was on the flight and witnessed what happened. And says.. ‘I just thought it was incredibly classy and thoughtful. ‘I already was a fan of hers, but now I’m a bigger one after today.’

5. Uzo Aduba, the 34 year old star from the hit show Orange is the new black, recently won an Emmy award and on her flight back home from Los Angeles, she graciously gave up her first class seat and took coach instead.

She gave the seat to her elderly mother who was in a wheelchair. The American star swapped places with her elderly mother and settled for coach after her group were not given first-class tickets.

6. What a better tribute to an Olympian Gold medalist and what an honor for his cheering fans. Joseph Schooling of Singapore, won a gold medal in swimming was returning home with his mother on Singapore airlines. But the mother son were not seated together. Instead, Mrs Schooling was in coach.

That’s when first class passenger Tan Su San decided to give up her seat so that Joseph could sit with her mother. She just had a few conditions, first she wanted an autograph, then a picture and wanted to be a screaming fan to celebrate Josephs incredible victory.

7. A tweet and a golden gesture has gone viral on social media. Teri Truss of American Airlines, wrote “Patrick Kane from the Blackhawks gave up his first class seat to a soldier, what a class act”.

For Patrick Kane, this was a small gesture which was receiving too much attention. He had no intentions of posting this on social media, but it was the Teri who couldn’t resist America from knowing what a great athlete and a great human being Patrick Kane really is.

8. The shortest job interview ever and a mentor for life is what this man achieved, and that too, all on an international flight. He was traveling from the states to the middle east for a job interview, and seeing that it was going to be a long flight, he had purchased a first class ticket for comfort.

But as he boarded, an old man was already sitting in his seat. The air hostess apologized and said that two male flight attendants will shortly move him to his economy seat. That’s when the man realized, that the old gentleman was not well and could not walk unescorted.

He told the air hostess, that he would like to switch seats with the old gentleman and will be happy to see the old man get some rest in first class. Seeing this, a man came forward and gave him his business card and said I really appreciate what you’ve just done and it’s really commendable. The interview didn’t go so well and he didn’t get the job. But just before he was about to leave and head back for the states, he decided to call the number on the business card. That man hired him and also became a mentor for life.

9. It all began with a chance encounter at an airport, a glance, an offer, a quiet chat. What’s your seat number, soldier? It’s 23-B, sir, the soldier told the businessman. No, son, that’s my seat. Yours is in first class. That’s how a massive seat swap began on a Atlanta-Chicago American Airlines flight when 12 soldiers were going home for a 2 week R&R.

First a businessman traded his seat with one soldier, and seeing this many others followed suit. As more soldiers boarded, similar offers quickly came from the other first-class passengers. And twelve soldiers heading home from Iraq for two weeks of R&R found themselves with their officers in the big seats up front instead of the center seats in coach.

U.S soldiers fresh from Iraq were surprised but grateful for the first-class seats on Flight 866 from Atlanta to Chicago.

“The soldiers were very, very happy, and the whole aircraft had a different feeling,” said Lorrie Gammon, one of the Dallas-based flight attendants working the trip.

“There were 14 seats in first class, and there were 12 soldiers there. The other two first-class passengers wanted to give up their seats, too, but they couldn’t find any more soldiers.”

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