Rodent lover goes viral after bathing her 50 pet rats in the kitchen sink

After washing her ‘kids’ in the kitchen sink, a rodent enthusiast who keeps 50 rats went viral. Michele Raybon, 51, of Palmdale, California, has been unable to resist adding to her naughty pack since obtaining her first few rats in 2018. She currently has 50 of the ‘cuddly’ animals – 25 males and 25 females.

The mother-of-two hasn’t looked back since introducing Naked Rats Elvis and Chuck, as well as her two Hooded Rats, Lucy and Ethel, into her household. Michele became popular late last year after sharing a video on Facebook showing her rats soaking in her kitchen sink, which received over 350,000 views.

Michele, who resigned, added that they’re her children, they can’t do anything wrong. Because each rat has its own personality, certain rats stand out more than others. They’re incredibly gregarious, and when you feed them, they all follow after you. Some you’ll notice if they’re not as nice, while others are far more friendly.

Un baño muy particular

Esta mujer es amante de los animales y vive con 50 ratas en su casa con las que juega en la pileta de su cocina cuando es la hora del baño.

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She further continued she acquired them from a breeder in Texas, because there were no rat breeders in California when she arrived here. That’s why she has so many; she bred them for temperament so she could sell them to other people who like rats. She then quit selling them, and currently are her pets, which is why she has so many. There are quite a few of them.

Michele, an animal enthusiast, also has four dogs, three cats, and two pigs in addition to her 50 rats. She explained that the pigs reside in a barn, which is their small space, and she feeds the cats when she feeds the dogs, so it’s not a lot of effort. She liked animals and aspired to be a veterinarian as a child, but that never came to fruition. She wouldn’t call it an addiction, but she does a lot of animal rescue since she adores animals.

Since she has a soft spot for them, she presently has four German Shepherds, two of which she purchased as pups and two of which were rescue dogs. Because she frequently rescues animals, her ex-husband refers to me as Dr. Doolittle. She looks after them and takes them to the vet. She used to have two sheep, two goats, 25 chickens, and around 15 ducks and geese. She was in the US Army and became injured, so she was caring for them on her own, and it became too much for her, so she donated them to new homes. She used to save stray cats, care for them, and rehome them and genuinely cares about animals.

Visitors are typically taken aback by the amount of rats they discover when they enter Michele’s house, yet Michele and her children quickly win them over. She stated that some individuals are quite open, while others aren’t. Some people have preconceived notions about rats, believing that they are filthy, ill creatures. Because all of her rats are friendly, she’ll introduce someone to one of them, and she typically wins them over, or the rats win them over. However, some folks just can’t get over the stigma. Many people have altered their attitudes and, surprise, they shockingly need them as pets.

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