Roommate Upset After This Guy Told Him To Not Cook Certain Meals When His Pregnant Girlfriend Comes Over.

People developed an incredibly terrible trait – a wholly unhealthy egoism, that is, a tremendous disrespect for the desires and needs of others in favor of their own or family members’ wishes and needs. Such folks are sometimes referred to as entitled. Read the story to know what happened in this story when a boyfriend told his roommate to not cook certain meals when his pregnant girlfriend comes over. Share your thoughts on this.

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My girlfriend and I are expecting. We don’t live together but we’re waiting till the baby’s born to figure out our living arrangements.

She’s 4 months pregnant. There are certain smells that she just cannot tolerate and my roommate tends to cook some meals with a smell that causes her to be nauseous. That would result in her throwing up and getting sick.

I tried to speak to him about it but he got pretty defensive saying he has a specific diet that he sticks to and that he didn’t see how this was wrong. I cleared things up saying there was nothing wrong with what he was doing but asked him to just not cook those specific meals that have a smell that triggers my girlfriend’s nausea. He got upset and ranted about how he’s a resident unlike my girlfriend who doesn’t live here and said that he can’t even consider my request since she’s here almost 4 days a week and stays till 10 pm. I tried to discuss it with him and maybe figure out a compromise but he bluntly told me he doesn’t owe me or my girlfriend any accomodations nor compromises. I thought that was unnecessarily rude and selfish of him. He told me to “deal with it” or tell her not to come, which was offensive because she’s my partner and she’s pregnant and I need to make sure she’s okay by seeing her weekly.

He’s avoiding me right now. Am I A Jerk ? I figured it wouldn’t be such a huge deal since it wasn’t like I’m telling him to stop cooking at all, just when my girlfriend is over.

Info. I can’t go to her place because she’s currently living with her parents and I can’t go over there because I’m not on good terms with them.

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