Santa Was Almost In Tears When The Siblings Asked Him For This.

Source: Reddit

Way back in 1990, John donned a Santa suit and stood in for the real one for a club he belonged to and heard the requests of several little disadvantaged children.

One boy asked for a Nintendo set. A few children later, his older sister sat on Santa’s lap and told him that she didn’t want anything, but could he get her little brother a Nintendo because he wanted one so bad.

Well, John was so taken by the girl’s selfless request that he was bound and determined to get it done. So he collected the console, games and accessories from several friends and he drove to the family and presented the big gift to the little boy.

Needless to say, he was shocked and thrilled. And John also brought the soft-hearted little girl a new bicycle. His friends even donated a 27-inch TV for the family. It remains an incredible memory for John, and a moment the REAL Santa is sure to be proud of. 

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