Santa’s Priceless Reaction When Mom Whispered To Him About Her Son’s Disability.

When Misty Wolf took her young son, Matthew, for his first visit with Santa, she didn’t really know what to expect. But before surprising Santa, she whispered into his ear that her son was blind and autistic. Santa then did something that just amazed her. He got down on the floor to Matthew’s level and talked to him for quite a while. He urged him to feel his face; he told him to go ahead and pull on his beard to see that it was very real.

When Santa asked Matthew what he wanted for Christmas, the young boy told him that he wanted “eyes that twinkle” just like Santa’s, so Santa gently guided Matthew’s fingers to his eyes.

And then Santa asked Matthew if he had ever touched a reindeer. When the boy replied No, Santa picked him up and carried him over to the display area that was holding one of Santa’s reindeer, and Matthew carefully pet it. Matthew loved it, and he loved his time with Santa.

And Matthew’s mom’s heart was filled with more Christmas cheer than ever. She was so thankful the jolly old elf was so kind to her son, and Christmas even meant a little more to her. 

Best Santa ever! I whispered to Santa “he is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa”. He said “say no more”…

Posted by Misty Wolf on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

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