School Custodian Lays Down On The Floor To Comfort Her Student.

Kenlee is a fourth-grader at Melba Passmore Elementary School in Alvin, Texas. And she has autism.

One day last month, as she was entering the school’s cafeteria, the noise of chatter and all the commotion was just too much for her. So Kenlee walked up onto the stage area at the end of the cafeteria and laid down.

Mrs. Esther is a custodian at the school, and she knew exactly what young Kenlee was dealing with. So she too walked up onto the stage area and laid down beside Kenlee, comforting her as much as she could.

Says Kenlee’s mom, Hollie Bellew-Shaw: “When Mrs. Esther passed through she just beelined for my girl to comfort her without hesitation or even a second thought to have passed her by. Mrs. Esther has had a special bond with my daughter, Kenlee, for about three years. Whenever they see each other, Kenlee runs to her like she’s seeing her the first time. Mrs. Esther always has the biggest hug and kind words for my girl. She holds a piece of our hearts for sure.”

Kenlee’s mom added that it was extremely comforting to know that the school’s custodian can give her daughter that kind of love and attention when situations like this arise.

Says Hollie: “Having a special needs child, it is hard sometimes finding the right people to be around, who have genuinely good hearts and who truly care for your child. This warms my heart.”

And it certainly warms ours.

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