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When you’re a kid waiting to be adopted and have a forever family, days seem to go by very slow. But when it finally happens… oh boy, and here are 10 stories of adoption.

1. When we hear of positive news for ourselves, our reactions can range from a simple smile to downright celebration. One little girl in South Jordan, Utah, went a step beyond the latter when she was told something by her school’s office manager, Jackie Alexander.

In October, Jackie called 11-year-old Tannah Butterfield into her office with some very important news to tell the little blonde-haired girl. When Tannah arrived, Jackie stepped out of her office, bent down, held onto Tannah’s shoulders and looked her squarely in the face.

She then told Tannah that she just got off the phone with her foster mom and was told that her foster family would be adopting Tannah and her younger siblings.

It was that news that caused Tannah to jump straight up into Jackie’s arms, shrieking with joy and incredible happiness, and kicking her legs wildly.

LIFE-CHANGING MOMENT: Watch an 11-year-old girl’s priceless reaction when she learns she’s being adopted by her foster family (and bring the tissues). 😭😭 FULL STORY:

Posted by FOX 29 on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tannah and her siblings finally had a forever family. And for several minutes, Jackie and Tannah embraced and kissed over the awesome news. There is almost nothing better than giving such joyful news to a child… just ask Jackie.

2. Going to Disney World is fun for kids. Hey, going to Disney World is fun for everybody. Last April, 12-year-old Janielle and 10-year-old Elijah, of Portland, Pennsylvania, traveled with their foster parents, Tom and Courtney Gilmour, to Disney World in Orlando, and had a special photo opp with Mickey Mouse.

Right after photos were taken, someone held up a sign that said Janielle and Elijah had been officially adopted by the Gilmours. The kids cried with happiness, and even Mickey was very touched by it.

Disney offered a special meet and greet with Mickey so he could let them know their adoption date. The kids had no idea any of this was happening. They just thought they were getting their books signed. This went better than we had hoped. They were beyond shocked and we were beyond emotional. We were very lucky to have Aunt Vicki there to film it! *side note* have tissues when watching PURE DISNEY MAGIC! #adoption #Disney Tom Gilmour

Posted by Courtney Gilmour on Thursday, 6 July 2017

For Janielle and Elijah, Disney World truly IS the happiest place on earth.

3. A little 3-year-old boy named Michael had been moved around in the foster care system. Then, last year, right before Christmas, Michael was officially adopted by Tara Montgomery, who had been his adoptive mother for a year.

A picture of Michael holding one hand in the air standing behind a sign that says he was adopted has been shared more than 56,000 times and liked more than 141,000 times.

4. Some years ago, a young girl named Meredith clasped hands with her adoptive parents as they said a family prayer. After that, the man in the group started telling Meredith how proud he and his wife were of her accomplishments, saying she was one of the most talented people he had ever known.

He told her that he and his wife loved her so much. Then, he told her “We want to make this permanent. We want to adopt you into our family.”

Well, Meredith just broke down and her soon-to-be new mom dad hugged her and gave her many words of encouragement, with her new dad saying something every child needs to hear… “We’re always gonna be here for you.”

5. Two Christmases ago, siblings Corbin, Kierra and Damien tore into a Christmas present that seemed pretty boring. It was just paper with writing on it. What up with that? Where’s the toys.

But this piece of paper… as they started reading it… would change their lives.

That paper informed Corbin, 12, Kierra, 8, and 4-year-old Damien that they had been officially adopted by their foster parents, Michael and Sarah Perks of Oregon. That boring old piece of paper was their best Christmas present ever.

Best Christmas Ever. #fostertoadopt #siblingsneedtosticktogether #olderchildadoptionisthebest #ourfamilyiscomplete #fostercare

Posted by Sarah R Perks on Thursday, 25 December 2014

6. During a little birthday party going on outside, young Haley was handed a certificate and asked to read it aloud. As she did, it confirmed that she was being adopted by her step-mother.

Haley continued to read the certificate but as that big news sunk in, Haley stopped abruptly and started to cry. Then, her step-mom started hugging her and Haley said, “I love you, Mom.”

7. Wearing his Spider-Man pajamas on Christmas morning last year, 11-year-old Landon tore open a present of a framed certificate and started reading it. Suddenly, he was in tears, hugging his step-dad, who would be officially adopting him in February.

The story was shown on Inside Edition and a video capturing the moment has been viewed more than 26 million times.

8. Last year, a young boy was given a newspaper that was done up by his adoptive parents. It’s headline read, The Legend is True: Super Dad and Super Kid to Rule Hurlington together.

After reading a story about heroes and such, he was asked what it meant. After he said he didn’t know, something was pointed out to him on the paper and he immediately knew what was going on… he was being adopted… and THAT was pretty exciting.

9. A couple of Christmases ago, in a house full of wild and crazy and screamin kids, Santa walked in… which might explain why they were wild and crazy and screamin.

Three brothers in the house had written to Santa and really wanted to be adopted. Well, he was there now, so what did he have for them in his bag of surprises?

When Santa was finally able to get the kids to gather around him and listen, he told them all he got their letters and this was a special occasion. Levi, Dylan and Cooper were then given certificates to open and Santa read them.

When Santa read that they were adopted, they smiled. When mom emphasized it even louder, they were ecstatic, and hugged their new forever mom and dad.

10. Little Lucy was in an orphanage for so many years. She had Down’s Syndrome and was put in that terrible, horrible classification of “Nobody wants them.” And she was a world away… in China… for Texas mom Audrey Shook.

Audrey had long known that she wanted to adopt a child from China. She didn’t really know why… she just did. And when she and her husband, Brent, viewed a short video clip of Lucy at that orphanage… well, Audrey knew right then and there that she wanted Lucy to become part of her family.

So, arrangements were made… papers were signed… and after a while, reality set in and Audrey realized that she was finally at the airport waiting for that little girl to appear in front of her… And then, she did.

Audrey’s first words to little Lucy were, “Hi, I’m momma.” And little Lucy repeated “momma” and she hugged Audrey around the neck. And in that instant, Audrey became a mother, and little Lucy became someone’s daughter… and treasure.

And she was no longer in that horrible classification I mentioned earlier. Because now she had a forever family. And now she had someone who would always love her, and she would never be alone again.

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