Selfish Couple Locks Their 16-Week-Old Twin Babies At Home For Four Days Just To Go Out Partying

An infant demands its parents’ constant care and attention, regardless of day or night. While most parents realise this and carry out their obligations, some neglect it all for their own selfish desires. A couple stunned the globe when they left their 16-week-old twins at home for days without supervision in order to go partying.

23-year-old Margarita Yanayeva and her spouse, 35-year-old Alexey, left their baby daughter and boy at home for four days without having anybody look after them. The Vilyuchinsk couple informed their acquaintances that their kids were in the hospital being treated for coronavirus. 

They went ahead and partied, unafraid of their falsehoods. The event came to light after the twins’ grandmother attempted to contact the couple. The grandma attempted multiple times to contact the couple, but her attempts were futile. The grandma became concerned after learning that their area was under lockdown. She then contacted the authorities. According to reports, the officers discovered the babies confined in the flat by the mother and her lover, Alexey.

A source told that over four days they were not taking care of the kids, and did not organise alternative care for them. As per examination source, all things considered, the youngsters were exposed to hunger, did not assure cleanliness, and put the children in a socially unsafe situation. The children were subsequently taken to a hospital in Kamchatka area by cops. The twins were discovered in a “gravely malnourished” state by their grandmother. The young boy died after going into a coma, according to the report. Meanwhile, the newborn girl is still struggling for her life and is very unwell.

The reckless couple is facing criminal accusations for abandoning their children and failing to fulfil their parenting obligations. They have also been charged with endangering the life of their children. If the couple is found to be responsible for their child’s death, they may face up to 20 years in jail.

While you may believe this is an isolated incidence, there have been several reports of negligent parents in the past.

Please take care of your little ones with utmost care and love and if you need help ask and take help. It’s ok to ask for help. 

Share this heartbreaking story to bring awareness that children need the love, care and support from parents. And if parents can’t please seek help but don’t neglect the little angels.

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