Sex Offender Rapes Wrong Woman, But He’s Rushed To Hospital With Severe Injury Moments Later.

A South Carolina lady agreed to meet Dennis Slaton at a gas station in Greenville after speaking with him online. The woman introduced herself and climbed inside the man’s truck, assuming that it would be safer to do so in a public place. What she didn’t realize was that it was all part of his evil plot.

As the couple drove away, the woman noticed that “something did not look right.” She offered Slaton $5 and kindly asked him to drop her off at a nearby area, hoping to get out of the scenario. Slaton then made a wrong turn and flashed a knife, holding it near to her throat.

Slaton was a convicted sex offender with sinister designs. Within minutes, the duo arrived at Slaton’s residence, when he dragged her inside and sexually attacked her. However, before he could complete his task, his female victim chose to fight back.

According to an incident report from the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, the lady “severed” Slaton’s penis, purportedly by chewing it off, before obtaining custody of his knife and stabbing her rapist. As her assailant writhed in anguish from his grievous wounds, the woman was able to flee.

The lady hurried out the door, naked and covered in her rapist’s blood, to the nearest neighbor’s house. Although the neighbor refused to let her in, they swiftly alerted the cops of the incident.

The woman, naturally, declined to wait, afraid that her attacker would soon catch up with her. As a result, she dashed to a Waffle House less than a mile away for assistance. Cops responded quickly to the gruesome scene at Slaton’s house, bringing him to the hospital and escorting his victim to safety.

Due to the severity of his wounds, Slaton spent more than a month in critical care. Despite his extensive criminal record, which includes convictions for sodomy, attempted rape, and voyeurism, he rejects all claims brought against him. Slaton has had the cops called on him at least eight times in the previous four years, as per neighbors.

Slaton is accused of abduction and criminal sexual assault. He paid a $75,000 bail a week after being released from the hospital and arrested.

Slaton has not revealed whether or if medical specialists were able to completely restore his genitals. Yet, many people believe that the registered sex offender does not deserve to have them in the first place.

If Slaton is still capable of functioning in this fashion, he will most likely reconsider sexually assaulting women in the future. Perhaps, his recent encounter has shown him not to use his body as a weapon, or else he may be disarmed by the wrong person.

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