She Actually Felt Nice When Finally Agreed To Her Son’s Request.

Story by Mom Seeking Coffee

Sometimes they need to hear the “okay”… instead of “no”… “not right now”… “maybe another time”…

Sometimes when I realize I’m already operating on auto pilot or survival mode I stop and ask myself why I’m even saying no? Do I even have an actual reason or am I just not motivated to say yes?

Sometimes the answer really needs to be no… but not always.

Like this morning… it was raining and my littlest love was in meltdown mode because he wanted to go outside. Without thinking I start telling him that we’re not going out… after much protesting on his part I paused to ask myself why….

Why not?

I had no good answer… it wasn’t thundering… it wasn’t even raining that hard anymore… so I changed my mind and said okay…

And he was SO HAPPY… to step his little feet in the puddles and feel the raindrops on his head. Instead of continuing the meltdown we paused for a sensory experience and it was actually very nice for BOTH of us.

We couldn’t stay out long, and his protesting started up when we had to go back inside, but for a moment we shared a fun, rainy experience.

How frustrating it would be for someone to always turn down your ideas…💡

Sometimes they need to hear the “okay”… it may not be the cure all, but it might just create a few sweet memories along the way.


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