She Bled All Over The Gym Floor When P.E Teacher Refused Her To Use The Bathroom.

Source: Reddit

Can we just talk a bit about how unfair it is in many school systems that our bathroom time is so restricted. I don’t see any reason why if a kid asks to go to the bathroom, that a teacher would not let them go.

This happened to me in middle school. It was already embarrassing to get my period in the middle of class. I begged my gym teacher to let me go and he just kept citing that I should have gone before class. We were getting lectured by him that day and sitting on the gym floor. I bled all over the floor and am still embarrassed to this day.

This is the same teacher who also would call me out in class if I had a t-shirt underneath my gym shirt. I was starting to get boobs, but my parents were poor so I couldn’t get camisoles or a trainer bra. The only clothes I had were hand me downs from my older brother. The teacher would always make me change and called me out by saying I shouldn’t wear my normal clothes under my gym clothes. I was too embarrassed to explain. I would change and my boobs would flop about.

How many of you have been denied bathroom access in school when you really needed it? Or any other ridiculous rules from a teacher?

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