She Couldn’t Be More Prouder After Making This Waiter Cry.

Source: Reddit

So, I got up early this Sunday morning and treated myself to a buffet breakfast at a restaurant I frequent. The buffet is self serve and the waiters clean up and bring drink refills.

The place was slammed. I was seated in my favorite waiter’s section, a young man from Bosnia who is working his way thru college. He’s always pleasant, friendly, upbeat, and highly attentive. I love being served by him.

On this very busy day, people are being very demanding, as well as rude, but my boi takes it all in stride and just keeps on working. I noticed, however that these cheap-ass, demanding customers are leaving a dollar or two, or stiffing him altogether while leaving a nasty mess at the table.

When I left, I went to the wait station and pressed a $20 into his hand. He processed it for a second and said “Let me get you some change.” (His first thought is not of himself.)

I said, no, that’s for you. Looks like you have a bad day ahead of you; I hope this helps make up for it. He started tearing up, pressed both my hands and said thank you, which made┬áme┬átear up!

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