She Distracted Her Step-Dad To Sign The Documents.

Megan Zander didn’t have such a good time with her dad while she was growing up. He divorced her mother when Megan was 8. A few years later, he told Megan to wear makeup because her acne was disgusting, and that she was only good for one thing…. I’m not going to say it but it’s certainly not something any father should say to his daughter…or anyone, for that matter. And she was 12 at the time.

But then Ed came along and married Megan’s mom. He fully supported both of them and Megan had him walk her down the aisle when she married.

When Megan was 28 with kids of her own, she decided to have Ed sign what he believed were insurance papers. Then she told him he had actually signed adoption papers and that she would legally be his daughter. He burst into tears and said it was the happiest moment of his life. 

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