She Dressed Like A Man For 18 Months And Even Found Out Who Is More Privileged.

Nora Vincent became a man by shortening her hair and wearing men’s clothing. It was simply a project she did to prove that men are more privileged than women. She was always a tomboy and grew up to be a lesbian. To be a man she went by the name Ned, and even wore a jockstrap with padding in it to give off that male flair. She and a makeup artist glued whisker stubble on her face.

A voice coach helped her for months to sound as male as possible. And then she lived for 18 months as a man. She joined a men’s bowling league – even though she was terrible at bowling – and they just took her… or rather, him… in, no questions asked. They bowled together for 9 months.

She learned the handshakes were strong and the cussing and ribbing is just how men show affection toward one another. Then finally, she asked one of the guys, Jim, out for a drink… and told him she was a woman. Jim was stunned, but then later, with Nora’s permission, he told the rest of the team. They all took it well.

Says Nora “They really showed me up as being the one who was judgmental, because they were the ones who took me in… not knowing anything about me. They were the ones who made me their friend.”

Nora, as Ned, also went to strips clubs, did some dating and mostly confined herself to a man’s world. And in the end, she found women are actually more privileged than men.

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