She Drops A Candy Bar Discreetly In The Girl’s Bag With A Note.

At West Springfield High School in Virginia, Audrey Weaver noticed one of her classmates was having a really bad day and sure could use some cheering up. So Audrey bought the girl a 3 Musketeers candy bar and discreetly dropped it off to the girl, along with a note of encouragement. And it actually made that young girl’s day.

It was Audrey’s way of “throwing shine” to that girl. Others in the school started doing the same and soon it became enormous… practically everyone was doing it. It actually started with the candy bar itself, when Mars candy started the “Throw shine” campaign by printing special notes of encouragement on their wrappers.

When Mars got word of how big it was at the school they sent a film crew out…. along with 2,500 candy bars. Check out the students’ Throw Shine commercial on YouTube

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