“She Follows Me Everywhere, Even To The Bathroom.”

A cat got its head stuck in a can behind a car dealership in eastern Oklahoma, and was crying for help. But a salesman was able to free her from it before she quickly ran off.

The owner of the dealership, Brian Sheppard, went looking for the cat when he heard the story from the salesman. After a while, he found her, and he quickly noticed how scrawny the cat was. So he went back inside the dealership and retrieved some chicken from lunch. She gobbled it down quickly and then ran off again.

Two days later, the cat came back. So Brian went to the store and grabbed some more food and supplies. When he returned, she was waiting for him at the door. That’s when he noticed she had been nursing some babies. So he made her a bed behind the shop and left some food there for her. He named her Sophie.

Sophie continued to make visits and Brian would take her into his office and feed her and give her water. After a while, he brought her bed in from outside and put it under his desk. And Sophie was perfectly fine with that.

Brian soon realized that Sophie was coming to his office from a house across the street, and when he visited that house, he spotted two kittens there. He asked the man there if he could adopt them. And the man had no problem with that, as he did not want to care for them anyway. The kittens later found a home together with one of Brian’s employees.

Brian wanted to fully adopt Sophie and take her home with him, but his wife was extremely allergic to cats. Surprisingly, however, she told him to go ahead and bring Sophie home with him and they would see how it went. Apparently it went pretty well, because that was a few years ago, and Brian now realizes that Sophie makes his family complete.

Says Brian: “Sophie has made a difference in our lives more so than we have hers. She follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom.”

And you know what more could you ask of a good, loyal pet? 

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