She Found Money Stuffed Inside A Pair Of Trainers She Bought Online.

Usually, when you buy something on eBay, you don’t get anything more than what you buy. Pretty much the same as anywhere else. But 19-year-old Ella Gilman, a student at Manchester Metropolitan University, got a big surprise on a purchase she made through the site.

She had ordered a pair of shoes from someone who lived 260 miles away in East Sussex. And she was pretty excited when she got them in the mail. Her excitement turned into eye-popping amazement when she felt inside one of the shoes and pulled out an envelope.

Inside that envelope was 1,000 pounds… or about $1,315 in American money. Wow! That’s quite a little bonus. But there was no way that Ella, in good conscience, could keep it. So she contacted the seller of the shoes, Laura Hazeldine, and told her what she found. After requesting Laura’s banking details, the money was put into her account 25 minutes later. Laura could not believe how kind Ella was in doing that, saying that it definitely restored her faith in humanity.

For Ella’s honesty, Laura sent her back the money she paid for the shoes, and she also wanted to send her money to go to a nice restaurant, or a festival. Laura had been saving up the money at home after her local bank branch closed. She had forgotten where she hid it.

So the next time you hide some money around your house, you might wanna write down where you hid it, and put THAT in a safe place. 

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