She Fulfills Her Grandfather’s Wish That Gets World Wide Attention.

In Chengdu, China, Fu Xuewei’s parents divorced when she was 10 years old, and left her in the custody of her grandfather, who always told her that he wanted to be there for her wedding.

But earlier this year, Fu’s 87-year-old grandfather fell very ill, and she was not sure he was going to survive to see her get married, especially since Fu is now 25, and has her career more in mind than finding a husband.

So the young woman decided to do something very special for the man who raised her. She went ahead and bought her wedding dress and hired a photographer to take pictures of her and her grandfather together. She also had a suit for him to wear.

The photos were taken in a church, and Fu’s grandfather had the opportunity to see his beautiful granddaughter as she would be as a bride.

Fu loves her grandfather so much that she even had a tattoo of his face put on one of her arms as a reminder of his devotion to her. 

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