She Has Been Lying To Her Step-daughter For Her Own Good.

Source: Reddit

She really really likes these juice boxes. I built it up for a few weeks telling her “well, I’ll buy you one pack. But you don’t need to drink them up in one sitting.” I noticed that they were those fruit/veggie mixed fruit juices. I also noticed that they have a lot of vitamins she’s missing.

She doesn’t like to take those gummies or any type of medication. She also has a problem with certain foods. I think it could be a sensory thing, or something that maybe she has an aversion to from her abusive mom. It’s been really hard to get her to eat well. If she knows something is “healthy” she automatically starts to hate it. I noticed this.

So I convinced her that these juices were like a lot of other juices, sugary, and should be only consumed once a day.

I’ve been stocking up on the juices so she always has them. She’ll sneak them and drink more than two a day (which is the “limit”). I’ll make sure to restock them in the drink fridge. She doesn’t realize they’re good for her. I’ve also noticed a difference in her well-being.

I’ll continue to “lie” about them, and pretend I don’t notice her drinking four or five a day. I hope she doesn’t find out that they’re really good for her.

I’ve also lied about how I get my spaghetti sauce to be so thick. I put blended veggies in it…and my sloppy joes are different from how everyone else makes them because I do that too. I’ll make a batch of sauce and noodles, or sloppy joe meat so she can have them for lunch.

I hope she realizes it when she’s older… How I tried to help her eat healthier by lying about the things she loves….

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