She Loses Her Husband & Must Raise Kids Alone. 6 Months Later, Family Notices Her Belly Growing.

A short time after Sam and Kristen met, they were head over heels in love with each other. And in May of 2009, they were married. Soon, baby Jack was born. And they were such a happy family.


For awhile. Then, Sam was diagnosed with lymphoma, and he was in and out of the hospital for so many chemotherapy treatments. But before being so consumed with the treatments, Sam and Kristen thought ahead and had four embryos frozen… just in case. A short time later, Sam could no longer produce children.

One of the embryos was implanted into Kristen, and it took. Nine months later, Alice Ann arrived, and they were now a family of four. Another embryo was implanted a short time later, but it died. Then, some time after that, Sam had a relapse. The lymphoma was back at full force, and three months later, he was gone.

It was hard for Kristen to lose him; his smile always brightened her days. But she made a big decision six months after his death, and it shocked all of her friends and family… she was pregnant again. It was Kristen and Sam’s decision just before he passed that the two remaining embryos be implanted. One of them survived while the other did not.


Lillian Belle was the newest member of the family. Kristen believes Sam knows all about Lillian, and the one who did not make it, she believes is with him… in heaven.

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