She Noticed Something Strange About These Parents With A Toddler.

So have you ever taken a day off work and something really big happens there that day? Most everyone can recall that one story they missed out on. But probably not Jordan Cooper. Jordan seldom works on Sundays at the Paducah, Kentucky Olive Garden. But this one Sunday night she decided to take an extra shift. And she’s glad she did.

A young couple came in with their two children. The one-year-old was acting strange, and the child had black and blue bruises on her face. Her mom and dad tried to force-feed her, and when she wouldn’t sit still, they took her to the bathroom. They did this several times.

A woman seated away from the family took pictures of them, and Jordan gave the woman her own phone number so she could send the pictures to her, and she would later send them to the police.

The couple apparently caught on to the notoriety they were bringing, and decided to quickly pay their bill and leave. But Jordan followed them out and snapped a shot of their license plate.

She posted it on Facebook and one of her Facebook friends did some more digging on the couple and contacted police.

Authorities soon arrested the couple following a welfare check. The condition of their home was so bad, that one of the investigating officers had to rush outside because it made him sick. Both of the children were taken from the couple and put with Child Protective Services.

Mark Lee Pierce and Jessica Woodworth were charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect. Their bond was set at $200,000 each.

For Jordan, it was hard to see the young child treated this way. But she takes great comfort in knowing that, because she took that Sunday shift and because she did something about it, she played a big part in getting both of those children out of terrible living conditions. And two very abusive and neglectful people were going to face justice.

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