She Prayed Desperately To Adopt A Baby.

Story by Colleen Duvall

It was around April of 1997 and I was home alone. I was in the nursery we had set-up in anticipation of adopting a baby of our own. From time to time I would go into the nursery just to sit in the rocking chair and admire the angel borders on the wall and the crib decorated with a neutral angel quilt and a teddy bear stuff animal. I would daydream what it would be like to have a baby sleeping peacefully in this crib. This time it was different, I was overwhelmed with emotion, I got on my knees and started crying. Then I started to pray…”God, I know you hear my prayers. I want more than anything to adopt a baby. It seems like a dream. Oh, please God grant me this one prayer and let me be a mother to your precious child. I promise to love this child as my own and I will do my best to raise this child to know you. God, help us to get through this long adoption process and help us find a birthmother. May it be your will Father that we will be blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby. In Jesus name, Amen.”

As I wiped away my tears, I felt a sense of hope and overwhelming love. It was like God had put his arms around me and said; “I hear your prayer and it shall be done.” Words cannot describe the peace that I felt from that point on. John and I continued to pray together every day and God eased our anxieties. We were able to get through the adoption process rather smoothly. One Sunday, approximately five months after I had prayed that prayer, a lady from our church came up to me and said “I have a granddaughter that is expecting a baby in two months and she is planning to give her baby up for adoption. I would like to see you and John adopt this baby”. I was totally surprised and could not believe what I was hearing. I asked the grandmother if we could meet with her granddaughter and she said “yes”.

The meeting with the birthmother went very well. We went with her and her grandmother to Coco’s Restaurant for pie and coffee. I showed the birthmother our adoption profile with pictures and a resume letter. We invited her to see the nursery we had set-up at our house and she accepted. From the very beginning we wanted the birthmother to feel comfortable with us and not have any doubts about us as a loving Christian family. I believe the birthmother felt very comfortable when she decided to place her baby with us.

It took another two months to finish the adoption process with the Adoption Agency. We were approved by the agency just two days before the birthmother went into labor. It was Sunday, November 9th, 1997 and we were at church. The birthmother’s sister came in to tell us that her sister was in labor. We immediately left church and drove to the hospital an hour and a half away. The whole way I was praying that we would make it in time for the birth of our son. We made it and eight hours later he was born by caesarian. When I finally saw him for the first time, my heart just melted. There was an instant bond that I cannot explain. God kept his promise to me. Now when I look into my two-year-old son’s beautiful dark brown eyes, I am reminded of the awesome power of prayer.

(Note: This is the poem I wrote before the adoption took place.)

“To My Sweet Angel To Come”
Though I haven’t seen your sweet face,
I know you will be given through grace.
For each and every day that goes by,
I anticipate the sound of a baby’s cry.
My child, you are always on my mind,
And I think about you all of the time.
Your joyful laughter and warm smile,
And if you will come in a short while.
You will be a blessing from above,
I will treasure you always, my love.
I think of the happiness you will bring,
And how the angel in heaven will sing.
They will watch over you day and night,
To comfort you through heaven’s light.
My child you are an angel to me,
A special gift from God you will be.
You will always be a precious dream,
In my heart and with joy I will beam.
May God be with you my blessed one,
Keep your faith until God’s will is done.

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