She Pushed Her Bully Down The Stairs.

Source: Reddit

So this happened quite a long time ago, back when I was in 6th grade (I might have been 11 or 12 years old).

There was this boy at my school (not in my class) who used to wait at the top of the stairs for other students passing by. As soon as they passed him, he would push them and laughing at them if they slipped. He was quite tall for a 6th or 7th grader (I don’t know how old he was) and would only push smaller students. He tried to push me once but luckily, I was able to grab the railing to prevent the fall.

Some did actually fall and he would stand there just laughing his butt off. Some tried to tell the teachers but they never saw it happen and would just say that he was joking etc.

Well, it was a quite long stairway that extended from the second floor (where our classroom was) to the ground floor straight, so that ‘joke’ was quite dangerous. And it was really annoying having to watch out for this guy every time.

So I hatched a little plan. One day, my class had to change classrooms during break and I knew that he’d be hanging around by the stairs. I made sure to walk behind the rest of my class as soon as I saw him (so that nobody would see what was about to happen). I have always been quite small and rather skinny, so I supposed I’d be a perfect target for him. And I was right.

It went just as expected. As soon as I was about to go down the stairs, he ‘sneaked’ behind me (as I said, I had already seen him) and gave me a hard push. I’ve seen him doing this to many other people before so I could predict that push and dodge it by turning to the side and holding onto the railing.

He laughed at me, called me a little pussy, told me to go cry elsewhere (I wasn’t but ok) and went to head down the stairs himself. Now, I had him where I wanted him to and was standing at the top of the stairs.

I remember saying something like “Oh well, let’s see how you’ll cry” and as soon as he turned his head and our eyes met, I gave him a good kick in the lower back and watched him falling down the whole stairs.

In my head, I’ve already been gone through various scenarios so I had prepared various reactions that would be fitting the outcome.

So as soon as he hit the ground at the end of the stairs, I started screaming bloody murder, crying and calling for help (as I had seen it in various movies when something bad happened). He was laying on the ground and wasn’t moving.

An ambulance was called and while my class and some other students and teachers who had heard me tried to comfort me, I watched the guy getting taken to the hospital. It was glorious.

I heard he ended up with some broken bones and in a wheelchair (I never saw him again at school).

Nothing ever came from it because everyone thought it was an accident. Everyone assumed that he slipped and fell. No one ever suspected me because I was quite petite, always polite and had never been a troublemaker. So even if he remembered what happened and told someone, they wouldn’t believe him. And I was underaged at that time, I wasn’t even 14 years old so there wouldn’t have been any consequences anyway.

Now dear readers, before you go ahead trying to judge me or something, think about the fact that this could have happened to anyone that little punk pushed before and he didn’t care.

I may not have fallen that time but maybe I would have the next time. Or maybe someone else. No one knows what would have happened.

So it was nothing but self defense. I did everyone a favor by removing that disturbance from school. He had it coming.

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