She Takes A Bite And Dumps His Ice-Cream On His Head For Mocking Her.

Source: Reddit

This happened in high school (2nd year), where a few buddies and I went out to get ice cream at a shop nearby. The shop was close to our school, and so it was always packed with other students. So one day, when all our classes were over, we decided to group up and head out to the shop. As we walked in, it was painfully obvious that some f**ktards were there, and my friends quietly ignored them and got our ice cream.

At one of the booths, the girl who never said a word was reading while eating a cone of ice cream. A**hole walks up to her with the biggest smirk and goes, “Hey, fat b*tch, want another cone of carbs?” The girl sighs, closes her book, and looks out the window, ignoring him. He kept mocking her, and she just ignored him until he got bored. A**hole sits back down at the booth by the entrance with buddies. The girl puts her book in her bag and walks straight up to the a**hole. She peers down at him until he looks at her. I’m watching this while my friends were talking about whatever. Girl takes a big lick of her ice cream then grabs the cone and smashes it against this guy’s head. I scream audibly, and my friends whip their heads around to see her leaving the shop as if nothing happened with a big smile and the a**hole with his jaw dropped and ice cream just dripping down his face with an ice cream cone on his head.

Just everyone’s reactions made it so hilarious, everyone collectively gasping. Made friends with her a week later. Chill girl and one of my best friends.

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