She Wanted To Give The Homeless Woman $5 But Her Dad Said NO.

“This is my daughter. She is 12, today she gave me a proud parent moment. It’s a bit long but worth the time to write. We are on vacation and she has had this $5 bill burning a whole in her pocket since we got down here. She has asked multiple times to buy something and I told her not to waste her money on it. Well today, we are at the boardwalk and she comes into the coffee shop where I’m in ordering me and the Wifey’s drinks. She looks at me and asks “dad can I give my $5 to a homeless person?” I chuckled and said no. Not realizing I was about to feel like an idiot. I didn’t realize that there was a homeless woman sitting out across from the coffee shop.

The lady wasn’t begging for money, but rather just sitting there alone and sad looking. We walk away and my daughter asked why I chuckled when she asked me about giving the lady her money. I told her I was sorry and didn’t realize there was a homeless woman outside. We walk around the boardwalk and on the way back by the woman was still sitting there, the entire time walking the boards mind you, not once did my daughter ask to spend her money. I looked at my daughter and told her yes, you can give her your $5. She said thank you for telling her not to use it previously and hopefully this woman can get food or something to help out even though it’s only $5.

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She has such a big heart, we passed the woman once more on our way out, she gave my daughter a little wave of thanks and my daughter returned it. I told her she did a good thing, she was not bragging or telling everyone what she did but knew to be humble that she was able to help someone who needed it. Kids have a way of proving humanity still has a chance and that both bad habits and good habits are learned behavior.”

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