She Was Crying And Protesting But The Man Was Firm To PAY For Her Shopping.

Source: Reddit

A woman was checking out, but unsure if she had enough for all of her groceries. She put the less important ones on the back edge, off the conveyor. At the end, sure enough, not enough. The gentleman behind her noticed and told her he would pay for those. She was almost crying, protesting, but he was firm about doing it. Then, I was starting to run her gift card, which she was using for part payment, and the gentleman told her that he would take care of everything. He then asked me to continue scanning. I cancelled the gift card charge and ran it all through. It was quite a large amount but he didn’t even blink. He just said that he liked looking out for people.

When she found out that I didn’t even put part of it on the gift card, the first customer was in tears. She told us she would send it to a friend on the reservation who was hard up for food.

Cheers to a true gentleman who understood and lives by the idea of treating everyone you meet like a neighbor!

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