She Was Dumbfounded When A Man She Ran After CRIED & Did This.

If you see someone getting robbed… what are you gonna do? Would you call the police or would you chase after them yourself? and here’s a story where someone chose to chase and received a humbling experience from doing so.

Last Valentines Day, Tess Aboughoushe was preparing to head back to work after an appointment with her chiropractor when she heard a scream from across the street. A woman was yelling “Stop. Thief” and pointing to a man running down the street who had just stolen her purse.

Instincts kicked in for Tess, and she took off after the man. It sure didn’t hurt that she was a long-distance runner. So in a short time, she caught up with him as he turned a corner and hid in an alley. He sat down there, cowering. Tess did what she set out to do. She caught up with him. But now what? She was nervous. Her heart was beating out of her chest. He could pull a knife on her. He could cut her. He could kill her. But he did none of that. He looked at Tess and said he was sick of doing what he was doing, and he handed over to her the purse.

The owner of the purse was there a minute later, and Tess handed it back over to her. The woman thanked Tess, they hugged and the woman went on her way. And now Tess was there alone again with the purse-snatcher… a criminal. Should she call the police? She decided against that. Instead, she invited him over to a nearby coffee shop with her and bought him a coffee.

While there, the man apologized for his actions. He told Tess he was desperate; that he had been visiting the city with some friends from Calgary, but they left him stranded. He was all alone. And, as he said, he was desperate. He had no money and needed to get back home. Tess then gave him directions to the public library so he could get help from social workers who worked there. And before they parted, she wished him luck.

Tess realizes she put herself at great risk by doing what she did, but she does not regret doing it, calling it a very humbling experience.

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