She Was Shocked When The Pharmacist Insisted To Pay.

Source: Reddit

I walk into the drug store at 6:03 pm (keep in mind I had no idea the pharmacy closed this early on a Saturday) I walked straight to the back and saw the bars down on the pharmacy. I was ready to walk out and I see the pharmacist and her tech at the front of the store. I asked “did y’all just close?” And she said “yeah about 5 minutes ago” so I said “oh dang it” then started to walk out. She STOPPED me and says “well how much is your prescription?” I said less than $5. She said “I’ll just pay for it since we normally can’t allow customer payments after we shut down the pharmacy.” (Something weird with their system I guess) I told her absolutely NOT and that I will come back tomorrow. She insisted, so I went to the back with her and her tech, they opened back up the entire pharmacy and filled my prescription. (Thank god I was able to pay for it, I would’ve venmoed her regardless)

I thanked them about 100 times and went to the front where the manager was and told him how great they were, and I asked how I can leave some sort of review. He told me to go on the receipt they gave me to fill out the survey and you better believe I wrote to give those girls some sort of promotion or raise!

Best customer service I have EVER had. Especially after a long, grueling shift as a pharmacist, even staying 5 minutes extra was so kind of them.

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