“She was so embarrassed” – Dad says teacher cut his daughter’s hair without permission

After a teacher at his bi-racial daughter’s school chopped the 7-year-old’s hair without his consent, a father is still looking for answers over a month later. Jimmy Hoffmeyer stated that on March 24, his daughter came home from school in tears and informed him that a teacher had chopped her hair.

The enraged father, from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, said his daughter had three haircuts in a week, but the latest one, performed by a teacher, left her heartbroken. He expressed, “You can’t simply damp down and cut our sort of hair because and that’s when I feel like they ought to have, despite whether they were trying to do it in the nicest of hearts, once they saw the consequence, they should have been like, okay we screwed up.” He continued, “I think we should contact him and tell him what occurred.”

Hoffmeyer stated that his little girl Jurnee had three haircuts that week, the first of which was done by another pupil. He took his 7-year-old, who had left the house with long hair, to a salon to get it trimmed by an expert.

He explained that they took her to the hairdresser and had her cut as an asymmetrical. She had a little short here, yet lengthy as yet discussing her shoulders on this side. However, the following day, she came home from school in tears, claiming that a teacher had chopped her hair. 

Hoffmeyer explained that she felt extremely ashamed when that teacher clipped her hair. She felt humiliated since she had to return to class like that. He called the school on various occasions to find out what occurred and why a teacher would cut his child’s hair at school without his consent. However, he stated that he has yet to get any responses.

Hoffmeyer claims the school has apologised, however officials refuse to release footage of what happened on the bus or at the school. He stated that he wants them to accept their responsibility. For the most part, they have been asking for a general acknowledgement to let Jurnee know that they understand that it wasn’t right, that it should never have been done, and that she should never have experienced anything like this.

Jurnee is now enrolled in a different school, and her father intends to attend a school board meeting in order to learn more about what happened to his daughter that day.

Nobody is authorised to cut a kid’s hair without their parent’s consent, and it’s astounding that the school is keeping this information from him; this father needs answers.  

Hoping Jurnee’s traumatic experience doesn’t have any long-term consequences. Please spread the word.

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