Shelter Cat Wouldn’t Leave Woman Who Can’t Adopt Him. But Then She Did This.

When life gets us down, sometimes all we need is someone to bring us back up, and are you that one person who can change someone’s outlook on life? Let’s find out.

Cats are not known for being clingy at all. Most of them act like they don’t care if a human is Ever around, unless they want something to eat, that is. But one day, Jessica and Andy made a visit to a local pet store, and they did their general perusing of the animals. Then they came across a cat they just wanted to hold for a minute. And that cat took an immediate liking to Jessica, practically hugging her as she held it.

That cat really took to her fast, and it was pretty darned clingy. So she decided to name it Clutch. But the couple could not take Clutch home with them at that time, since he was known for not playing well with others and they had a toddler at home. So they decided to do the next best thing… to find it a “forever home.”

Andy took a video of the cat holding onto Jessica and later posted it so everyone could see what a loving cat it was. The video went viral, and when Jessica and Andy visited the pet store a few days later, there was a line of people waiting to get some lovin’ from Clutch.

Around January 24, good news came from the store. Clutch found his forever home, thanks to the kindness of Andy and Jessica. 

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