She’s 81 & He’s 22. Their Friendship Will Bring You To Tears.

Any of you out there ever play Words With Friends? It’s a really fun game, used to play it a lot. And it’s a great way to make new friends. Spencer Sleyon, a 22-year-old rapper in East Harlem likes to play it too… on his phone. And one of the best friends he’s made was while playing the game.

That “friend,” he eventually learned, was 81-year-old Rosalind Guttman, who lives in a retirement home in Florida… and is white. And, yes, that age difference is pretty extreme for two people to consider themselves the best of friends. And yes… one is black and the other is white. And one is male, and the other female. You surely won’t find too many friendships like this… and… that’s pretty unfortunate.

But that friendship was so strong that last year Spencer decided to fly to Florida to visit Rosalind at the nursing home and would you believe there was no awkwardness at all….

Says Spencer: “When I met her it was so natural. It wasn’t like anything spectacular, or different than you speaking to one of your friends.”

Their friendship… a very unlikely one. But one that they both cherish all the same. Maybe it’s time we all played Words With Friends. 

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