Siblings Forces Him To Attend Mother’s Funeral But He Is One Proud Son Who Isn’t Ready.

Nothing compares to the one-of-a-kind and everlasting bond between a mother and her child. The mother-child connection is unlike any other. It comes with happy memories and unwavering affection. But at times it is not the same for all children. Some experience just the opposite of what a mother-child bond should be. Read the story below and do you think he is right with his decision?

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My mother died two days ago. My siblings were all with her when she died. I was not. She was a bully to me and hated my guts as long as I can remember. Not sure if it was the fact I was the kid who looked so much like dad, the fact she was young when she got pregnant with me and resented me for it, or whether I was just unlucky. But she gave me a horrific childhood and my dad died when we were all young so I was left to watch her dote on my siblings and treat me like sh*t. I got to hear all the time that I ruined her life, that she wished she had aborted me, that she dreamed of me dying and getting relief of knowing she’d never have to see me again. I ended up staying with friends from the age of 15 and I hadn’t seen her since my 20th birthday, when she showed up with my siblings and told me she wanted to puke just looking at me.

I never told her I was gay, never introduced her to my husband or my children. When my siblings called to tell me she was dying I was so happy. Knowing she’s gone, knowing that the woman who hated me for reasons out of my control, who made sure I know how much she never wanted me, filled me with such a feeling of relief.

But of course my siblings are heartbroken. They wanted me to be involved. I told them no way, no how. I said she was a great mother to them and that was fine, but she was evil to me, she was evil and made my childhood hell and I was not some grieving son and was not spending a single second giving her a nice send off, or spending a single cent on it either.

They got mad. Told me it should be split between all of us. They had already planned her obituary and told me how bad I would look if I didn’t help plan, and didn’t show up. I told them to get my name off the obituary because the woman they described was not my mother. We argued. They told me I was behaving just as badly as her by taking it out on them when they did nothing wrong. I told them I just wanted them to leave me out of it. I told them to pretend we’re half siblings, and I have a different mother out there, if it helps. They told me I could at least do it for them and to think about how hard this has been for them.

The fighting just kept on going and it actually delayed the funeral planning since they spent more time trying to convince me than doing any planning. They keep asking for my opinion, etc. Trying to draw me in. Then get mad and tell me I am treating them badly. Did I approach this situation incorrectly?

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