Singing Cashier Gets A Surprise Of A Lifetime.

26-year-old Lucas Holliday is a cashier who works in Lansing, Michigan, and he has an incredible singing voice. So much so, that he often sings to his customers.

One day, a customer filmed him singing the Maxwell song “Ascension,” and posted it on the Internet.

But why is he working in a grocery store???

Posted by King Keraun on Friday, 11 November 2016

It wasn’t long before the show Good Morning America had Lucas on the show with a live camera. After a few minutes of talking, they surprised Lucas with someone on a recorded video… it was Maxwell himself, and he told Lucas that he watched the video of him singing and said he had a sick, amazing voice.

I think overall… that means really good. He also invited Lucas to come up on stage with him and perform during his upcoming concert. Lucas was overwhelmed at the offer and said he would.

Then, he sang for the Good Morning America crew and audience, which drew huge applause from everyone.

Hopefully, someone will give this guy a record deal. Yes, he’s that good. 

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