Single Dad Reveals He Has Seven Things He Wishes Mother Would STOP Asking Him.

When you’re a single father, taking care of your young child really matters. And it matters a lot to 54-year-old Michael Ray, who says bias is something he regularly struggles with while raising his 4-year-old daughter, Charlie.

First of all, he’s doing just fine. Secondly, there is a list of things he wishes mothers would just stop asking him.

And here is that list: How do you manage? His answer: Just the same as anyone else.

Do you want to call your wife and check? Answer: No wife.

Are you babysitting today? He never considers watching his daughter “babysitting.”

Who does her hair and nails? Well, her Dad does.

Don’t you wish you had a son instead? Well, that’s just a bonehead question that doesn’t even merit a response.

Michael sums up his relationship with Charlie like this: “It means everything to me to be this little kid’s dad. I’ve never been so proud or happy since she came along.”

And, from my point of view, you really shouldn’t have to ask why. 

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