Single Father Leaves His Son At His Brother’s House Without Informing To Go On A Date.

It is the duty of parents to take care of their kids. Occasionally it’s ok to take help of people whom you trust to look after the child but that does not mean you misuse and take advantage of their help.¬†

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I M32 have a brother M30 (Kevin) who is a single dad to a 3yo, Kevin lives in the same city as me. We don’t have any family or relatives here, just a few friends.

Kevin has a habit of dumping his kid on me at random times to watch while he goes out on dates with women. So far he’s gone out for 4 dates while expecting me to watch my nephew. It bothered me because I have work commitments (I’m a nurse) and my schedule can be unpredictable, and so he caused me issues at work by dropping his kid off at my house without telling me first.

Last week he did it again, He came over at 6pm and entered my house with my nephew (he had a spare key) while I was showering and left the house immediately. I got out of the shower and was shocked to see my nephew standing there alone. I asked where his dad was and he said he just left.

I knew he wanted me to watch my nephew, I called him several times on the phone and he did not pick up. I was so mad and almost freaking out because I was getting late for my shift. I sent him a text telling him to come pick his son up right now or I’d call cops on him for child abandonment. He texted back begging that I suck it up just this time because he had an important date and he couldn’t leave in the middle of it. I told him that I was serious and I’d do it and gave him 10 minutes to get home.

He got home looking pissed and started yelling at me for ruining his date and making him leave in the middle of it, just because I couldn’t bother to skip one damn shift to watch my nephew. I told him I never agreed to watch his son and he made me do it. He said that it was an emergency which made me laugh because calling a date night “emergency” is just absurd.

Long story short he left with my nephew but hasn’t stopped blaming me for spoiling his date and probably causing damage to the relationship between him and his “potential” girlfriend.

It’s been a week and he’s still salty about it demanding I make it to him and call his date and lie to her and tell her some sob story about why he had to leave like that but I said I won’t do that.

What advice would you give him?

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