Single Mom Facing Homelessness Finally Builds Her Own Home.

In Australia, Charlotte, like so many others, was devastated by her divorce. She and her two children were now homeless. But as devastated as she was, she wasn’t about to be beaten.

Says Charlotte: “I was running out of options and as a mom I needed to do everything within my power to provide for my boys, even if it meant some long days and hard work.”

So with no where else to go, Charlotte started a project. And it’s one she can certainly be proud of. She built her own home. A tiny one, but a home nonetheless.

Her grandfather loaned her $13,000 and with that, over the next five months she put together her 10-foot-by-20-foot home. It has a combined living space, a kitchen and two bedrooms.

She was initially going to sleep in the living room, but now she has a room of her own with a double-bed, and her kids sleep on semi-stacked twin beds.

Says Charlotte: “At first I was so against a ‘double’ bed but like everything else I was forced to downsize… With some homey decor I wouldn’t have my ‘bedroom’ any other way.”

By building her own home, she became very aware of the homeless situation, and she started speaking up about it. She is considering starting her own business and building tiny homes for others, as well as paying her grandfather back. And she has documented most all of her journey on Facebook. Some loved it and some have criticized it. But Charlotte maintains that whatever happens, her sons have been taught an outstanding lesson: That females are capable of anything.

And that truly is an important lesson for both boys and girls everywhere.

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