Single Mom Got Lucky When Pleaded The Thief To Return Her Stolen Van.

Robbers and thieves are usually some pretty bad people but sometimes they can actually have a conscience. Here are 3 stories of some robbers who felt the guilt of their ways.

1. When Megan Bratten walked out of the Kmart in Independence, Missouri, she couldn’t find her van. Well that’s because it had been stolen… and her dog was in it. But so was her cell phone.

So she texted the thief several messages… a few with some very colorful language. But she wanted him to know that her van was her livelihood and she couldn’t possibly live without it…that her five kids depended on her using it to get to work. She begged him to return it.

Soon, he sent her back a text giving directions on where to pick up the van. He then apologized, saying he felt bad doing it and that he too was trying to provide for his children since he had been let go from his job.

Megan got her van back and didn’t have the heart to get police involved in dealing with the thief.

2. In 2004, taxi driver Abubakar Lorgat’s wallet was stolen from him, and it contained the entire weekend’s cab fare take. But – 12 years later – the thief returned it with five 50 Euro bills, along with an apology, which read: ‘I am really sorry about this and hope you find in your heart to forgive me.’

Abubakar had completely forgotten about the incident, but was truly touched by the return of his wallet and money. Just goes to show, it’s never too late to do the right thing.

3. A man was caught on camera stealing from the doorstep of the Happy Paws charity shop in Malta. But he soon returned a 50 Euro donation with a note apologizing for his behavior. He said it was stupid and shameful.

A Happy Paws official applauded the man for doing that, and asked that he return if he was in need of any help from the organization.

Bonus story: Taylor Sloan of California lost her wallet at motocross event. But a very short time later, 10-year-old Nasim Lawrence returned it to her, with a note saying: “I know how it feels to lose something and I wanted to make sure you got your wallet back. Hopefully, I made you smile and you are happy to have your money and ID back. I am glad I found it instead of some bad person who would steal from you.”

Taylor was greatly touched by the little boy’s kind gesture, saying he must come from a really great family.

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