Single Mother Request Cops To Be Her Daughter’s Dad For A DAY At School.

Dartmouth Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado, was having a “Donuts With Dad Day,” the next day at the school. But young Abygale-Rose said she wasn’t going to school that day. Her dad had walked out on Abygale and the rest of the family and moved to another state. She didn’t have a dad to share that special day with.

So her mom, Jewel, posted a request on the local police department’s Facebook page. She asked if any officer could meet her daughter at the school to be her dad for the day. Well it sure didn’t take long before she got an answer.

Sgt. Mike Pitrusu was more than happy to step in and take on that request. He spent the morning with Abygale and even showed off his patrol car to her and her classmates.

Says Abygale’s mom: “He just made my daughter’s day. And MY day! She will be talking about this for week’s to come.”

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