Sister Becomes A Surrogate Mother For Her Young Gay Brother.

You know brothers and sisters are a special kind of people. They are about the closest of family and, even though there are bound to be arguments, they will always love each other, and here are 10 stories that prove brotherly and sisterly love.

1. Clinton and his partner, Callum, married in 2012, and the gay couple really wanted to be parents. But adoption and surrogacy programs were proving to be difficult. Then, someone stepped in to become a surrogate mom for the couple.

It was Clinton’s sister, Rhiannon. She knew how badly her brother and his partner wanted to be parents, so she had a donor egg and the couple’s sperm implanted in her. She became pregnant and gave birth to a little girl.

And a few years later, She did it again, saying, “It felt like the most natural thing in the world to offer to be his and Callum’s surrogate.”

2. Sometimes, a real man has to draw from his feminine side to help out his little sister. And that’s exactly what a brother who goes by the name Sugar Siah did.

His little sister told him she wanted to be a nail technician and asked if she could practice on him. Now this is NOT typically a guy thing to do, but he loves his little sister so much, that he let her put fake fingernails on him and let her paint away.

The results were bright red, florescent yellow, lots of smiles from the little sister, and a big heart from her big brother.

3. Algebra is certainly not the easiest of things to figure out. But for one college student, working with algebra comes fairly easy. At least easy enough for him to help his little sister with it a few times every week.

The unnamed student props up his phone and uses FaceTime to communicate with his little sister about solving the math problems.

It’s surely something his little sister will always remember.

4. Every weekday, just after 4 o’clock, little Ava patiently waits for that big yellow bus to stop by her house. She’s waiting for her not-that-much-older brother, T.J., to step off of it. And when he does, she runs up to him and hugs him, as he lifts her off the ground.

And each of them tells the other, “You’re my favorite person.”

When a parent sees their children do this, there’s probably not a lot more they can ask for.

5. Some years back, a little girl named Lisa was suffering from a very rare and deadly disease. Her only chance at survival was receiving blood from her 5-year-old brother, who had survived the exact same disease and had developed antibodies to fight against it.

When he was asked if he would give blood to his sister to save her life, he thought for a second, took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I’ll do it if it will save Lisa.”


As he lay in a bed next to his sister during the transfusion and color started coming back into her face, he looked up at the doctor and asked, “Will I start to die right away?”

The little boy did not understand that he was giving only some of his blood to save his sister. He actually thought he was giving his own life to save hers.

6. Little brothers and sisters can go through a lot of scary moments together and they can be sooo dramatic. But then again, they’re just too young to know that some things are perfectly safe.

One little girl was in her carseat in the back as her mom was driving through a car wash in Los Angeles. She was terrified and burst out in tears when she realized that mom was preparing to drive into what looked like the mouth of a monster.

But her 4-year-old brother sitting next to her leaned over, grabbed her hand and assured his little sister, “We won’t die.”

Big brother’s probably been through a few car washes himself… so he knows.

7. James Weir, an autistic man in Greater Manchester, England, was really excited about turning 21. And because of his condition, it was difficult for him to socialize and make friends.

But his older sister, Lucy, wanted to make sure that he had the best birthday ever, so she got on Facebook and posted an appeal asking people to send him a birthday card or special message for him. She said that even if he got only a few birthday wishes from others, he would be thrilled.

Well, the birthday messages certainly came. And so did the birthday cards. At last check, he was knee-deep in them.

8. Young David of Snellville, Georgia, has Down Syndrome, but every time he steps off of his school bus and sees his older sister Jessica visiting and waiting for him, he always yells excitedly and runs to give her a warm embrace.

It’s truly a magical moment shared between the siblings.

9. Five-year-old Amelia Abbott spent almost 4 months in the hospital battling leukemia. But then, something incredible happened. Her little 3-year-old brother, Lachy, donated his bone marrow to save his sister’s life. And Amelia is now cancer free.

Then Amelia surprised little Lachy when she finally came home. He ran up to her and hugged her tight, and now the two of them are inseparable.

10. You know there is a special bond with our siblings that no one else can replace, And even if we occasionally argue, the love for family is always there.

In China, little 7-year-old Zhao Wenen kissed his sister on the cheek and consoled her before she was taken to surgery. Doctors were going to repair her lacerated kidney. Zhao kissed his sister and told her, “Don’t cry. I will always be there for you.”

Bonus story: In Denton, Texas, 3-year-old Camden was born without legs or hands, and his arms only extend to the elbow.

Camden will sometimes lie next to his newborn brother, Jaxton. And when Jaxton starts to cry, Camden will use his face and shortened right arm to lift up the baby’s pacifier and put it into his mouth.

Camden truly cares about his little brother and he loves being there to help him out.

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