Sister Gives Her Best To Take Care Of Her Brother Suffering From Leukemia.

Cancer can be a devastating thing… not only to the person it affects, but their family as well. And when it hits a young child… well, that can be really rough. Instead of playing with their friends, they often have to take on those unpleasant chemotherapy treatments.

In April of 2018, 2-year-old Beckett Burge of Texas was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. And his family had a hard time dealing with that.

Says his mom, Kaitlin: “One thing they don’t tell you about childhood cancer is that it affects the entire family. You always hear about the financial and medical struggles, but how often do you hear about the struggles families with other children face?”

Beckett has a sister who is a year and a half older than him. She loves him to pieces and she just couldn’t understand why he was hurting so much. But she didn’t want it to pull them apart. Little Aubrey knew he couldn’t run and play like he used to.

Says Kaitlin: “A little over a month after he was released from the hospital, she watched him struggle to walk and struggle to play. The lively, energetic and outgoing little brother she once knew was now a quiet, sick, and very sleepy little boy.”

So young Aubrey would try to do everything she could to help her little brother feel comfortable. She would crawl into bed with him, and she would look through story books with him. She showed him how to hold a pencil and would even give him imaginary homework lessons to get him thinking about it. And when he was at home, she stayed right there by his side.

It prompted Kaitlin to make a post on her Facebook page, saying: “Children need support and togetherness, and should not be kept at a distance from the person who is ill. Vomiting between play sessions. Waking up to throw up. Standing by her brother’s side and rubbing his back while he gets sick. Going from 30 lbs to 20 lbs. This is childhood cancer. Take it or leave it.”

The young boy will finish with his treatments in August of 2021. Hopefully, he will come through things just fine. But in the meantime, he has his loving parents to take care of him. And his big sister Aubrey to hold his hand.

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