Sister of toddler twins who nearly drowned hospitalized after going into cardiac arrest following procedure

A year and a half after their twin children were nearly drowned, the Chisholm family of Zionsville, Indiana, is coping with tragedy once more.

Charley recently underwent a regular medical treatment, and while recovering, her lungs started to fill with fluid, causing her to go into cardiac arrest.

“Each time I tell myself that I can’t handle one more thing…. Something else occurs. To be honest, I’m not sure how we’re doing at this time. The tiredness is unbearable, and the heartbreak is too painful to even contemplate.”

Every time I say to myself I can’t take one more thing…. One more thing happens. Honestly at this point I don’t even…

Posted by Light for Levi and Lainey on Thursday, 2 June 2022

Charley was born with 22q syndrome, which can damage every system in the body and cause a broad variety of health problems. Meagan, the children’s mom, was in tears. What was she doing reliving a nightmare?

Her little girl Charley was healing from an operation when she developed a laryngeal spasm, leading her to have difficulty breathing, she said on a Facebook group devoted to the healing of her twins, Lainey and Levi.

I honestly don’t have words. I’m numb, heartbroken, angry, confused, and completely empty. I’m trying to process…

Posted by Light for Levi and Lainey on Wednesday, 1 June 2022

She fell into cardiac arrest, and personnel started chest compressions immediately. Tragically, this resulted in her haemorrhaging. They intubated the small child after many minutes of chest compressions.

Meagan couldn’t help but think of the terrifying encounter her twins had in a friend’s pool. Lainey recovered completely, but Levi suffered major brain damage. Levi is still recovering more than a year after the tragedy.

Charley endured medical testing to ascertain whether any damage had been done while asking why her family was being put through another test. And now for some good news. Charley had what doctors believed was a seizure on Thursday night, but it turns out she was only attempting to wake up from anaesthesia.

Her chest x-ray looked “excellent” on Friday morning, and physicians were able to reduce the setting on her ventilator with the hopes of extubating her on Saturday. Meagan also stated that they intend to begin introducing food to Charley.

Meagan has been wary of looking overly upbeat after going through a roller coaster of feelings. However, she said that it was difficult to avoid the signals she saw at the hospital on Thursday. 

An update on our Charley Jane. Neurologically we are seeing very promising signs from Charley. They took the…

Posted by Light for Levi and Lainey on Thursday, 2 June 2022

And now that Charley’s situation seems to be better, the Chislom family may be able to breathe a big sigh.

Charley and her family continue to be in thoughts and prayers. Please spread the word and give your prayers to Charley as she continues to recover.

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