Smart Boy Calls 911 Immediately Seeing His Mom Suffering.

In Mesa, Arizona, Katie Fritzsche started having a seizure at her home. But her son, Guy, was right there will her and knew exactly what to do, even though he had never seen his mom go through this before.

He picked up the phone and dialed 911, and stayed on the line with the dispatcher while EMTs were sent to the location. His mom had taught him what to do in an emergency, but she was really surprised, and thankful that he did it so well.

Said Katie: “I was absolutely blown away. I was just like “that’s my baby!”

Forrest Smith, with the Mesa Fire and Medical unit, said: “He had the confidence to stay on the line and articulate that help was needed.”

A short time later, the young boy was recognized for his heroics at a Good Samaritan event with city leaders. Not bad for a boy… who is just 3 years old… with a speech impediment. 

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