Smart Girl Gives Back Perfectly To Her Bully.

Source: Reddit

Context: I’ve (20F) been bullied all my life and have been in recovery for a multitude of things for the past year or so. I go to University in the same city I grew up in so there’s a high chance of me coming across people went to previous schools or who hurt/bullied me. I was well known for being bad tempered and easy to wind up, when I was younger.

What happened: I was in the pharmacy waiting to pick up my prescription when someone shouted something at me. I pretended to not hear them and they shouted again. They ended up getting frustrated and tugging on my arm. I twisted around and immediately recognised who it was- a guy (20M) who had bullied me for over 10 years. So rather than get angry I thought I would mess with him and see what happens

Him: hi, heard you were in [local uni]

Me: I’m sorry but I don’t know who you are, do I know you from somewhere

Immediately he deflated. It was glorious to see, I had to stop myself from smiling.

Him: it’s me, [his name], from school. Come on you know me.

Me, with a confused face, acting 100: I’m really sorry but I don’t know you. Did we go swimming together perhaps?

Him: … I don’t think so

Me: I’m really sorry but I just don’t know who you are. I think you should go to the back of the line sir.

I went on my phone and just blocked him out. He looked lost and eventually went to the back of the line. I got my prescription, ignored him and went to my car and drove off. I literally screamed for joy and also because I was about to break down. It was a wonderful feeling, to see him like that and to feel like he had nothing against me. To make him feel like he hadn’t had a large effect on my life.

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