Soldier Gushes About His Memorable Night With The Movie Star.

10 Celebrities Who Gave The BIGGEST Surprise To Their Fans

1. Mila Kunis. She’s that cute, dark-haired girl from “That 70s Show” and a few decent movies.

When Marine Captain Scott Sasser invited her to the Marine Corps ball in a YouTube video, he was just putting it out there.

But Mila actually accepted the invitation and showed up as Sasser’s date.

2. Miley Cyrus. Now you can say what you want about Miley, with all of her crazy antics, but she certainly has a heart. When she won the award for Best Video of the Year, she sent up a well-dressed young man to accept it for her.

Turns out the guy was homeless, and said this into the microphone: “Thank you all — my name is Jesse, and I am accepting this award on behalf of the 1.6 million homeless youth. I’ve survived in shelters all over.… Though I may have been invisible to you in the streets, I have the same dreams as many of you.”

Miley was crying on the side of the stage.

3. Rihanna. One big fan of Rihanna has been getting some big-time Twitter advice from her. The fan is a gay black man who was finding it extremely difficult to come out of the closet.

With Rihanna’s encouragement, the man slowly began to tell others about his lifestyle. And the music icon encouraged him not to be ashamed of it.

The two finally met during Rihanna’s world tour.

4. Beyonce. Once, while shaking hands with fans, she came upon someone who was doing Face Time with someone else, so she took the fan’s phone and said Hi to the person on the other end.

Then, while at Melbourne Park in Australia, Beyonce took a picture with a young girl in a selfie.

While performing the song, “Irreplaceable” on her world tour, she grabbed a fan out of the front row and pulled him up to the stage with her.

He was shaking so much, that she stopped singing to give him a hug.

5. Adele. And like Beyonce and Rihanna mentioned before her, you know you’ve hit it big time when you only go by one name. At one of her concerts, Adele asked the women in her audience if anyone wanted to come on stage with her and propose to her boyfriend.

Hayley Consuegra held up her hand and Adele asked her to come up on the stage. When she did, she proposed to her boyfriend, Neil, of 10 years.

Adele and the rest of the crowd told him to say Yes. And he did. Adele even said she would attend their wedding.

6. Taylor Swift. After saying their I Do’s, Katy and Chris Eisenmann headed to a Taylor Swift concert in their wedding attire. Little did they know they would be invited backstage to meet with the famous singer, who posed with them for photos.

Katy said her two dreams came true on the very same day.

7. Justin Bieber. Ashley was in the hospital with meningitis and missed out on her quinceañera, which is a big celebration for a girl’s 15th birthday. But the big Bieber fan had a make-up celebration coming, as Justin showed up at her house with multiples dresses for her to choose from and gave her a party she’ll never forget.

He danced with her to his song, “Pray,” and kissed her hand. It’s a song Ashley had listened to many times while she was in the hospital.

8. Angelina Jolie. While trying to get a selfie taken with the famous actress, a fan named Techna got caught up in the frenzied crowd outside the Daily Show and started having a panic attack.

Angelia spotted her going through this and had a security guard pull her from the crowd. The actress had her sit down and didn’t leave her side until she was ok. Techna shared her story, along with photos, in Instagram.

9. Zac Efron. When Ahmed spotted Zac leaving the set of the movie Baywatch, he struggled to meet him while trying to get a Snapchat picture and smashed his phone.

The actor caught this and told Ahmed he would get him a new phone. And sure enough, he did. But Zac also posted a photo of himself with Ahmed.

10. Martin Garrix. Chris McPhadden bought tickets to Martin’s performance in Amsterdam. But travel costs shot up more than $300 since he bought the tickets. And as the show neared, Chris realized he didn’t have enough money to travel to see the show, and would probably have to sell the tickets.

In despair, he tweeted Martin about his dilemma. Well Martin followed up with messages to Chris that he would take care of the travel costs and went ahead and booked his flight.

Needless to say Chris could not have been happier. 

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